Combating Cluster Headaches with Upper Cervical Care

Posted in Head Disorders on Jan 11, 2018

Cluster Headaches And Upper Cervical Care

A cluster period may last forseveral weeks or even months before giving the sufferer temporaryrelief during a remission period. As is common with othersevere headache types, cluster headaches affect women far moreoften than men. 

The pain has been likened to a burning or stabbing pain thatgenerally affects one side of the face and may extend from the neckall the way up to the temple. Other symptoms can include nasalcongestion and a droopy, watering eye on the painful side of theface. What causes clusterheadaches? 

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Scientists are still unsure, butone thing they do note is that histamine (an allergic response) issuddenly released during an attack as well as serotonin which hasan effect on the function of nerves.

Upper Cervical Care and Cluster Headaches

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Headaches are often related to amisalignment of the C1 or C2 vertebrae. This is because such amisalignment can often create stress on the brainstem. This, inturn, can affect communication between the brain andbody. 

Even blood and cerebrospinalfluid flow to the brain can be interfered with. Headaches are justone possible symptom of such an occurrence.  The ideais that removing the misalignment that is causing brain signalissues may be able to correct the sudden release of variouschemicals for no apparent reason. 

This, in turn, may relieve cluster headaches. If you are lookingfor a natural alternative to prescription medication for yourheadaches, upper cervical chiropractic care may be just what youhave been searching for. 

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